Carpet in Kearney

Modern carpets are the result of millennia of historical and cultural evolution. At Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, we consider carpets as historical vestiges of great value, and we have an impressive collection to show. When it comes to flooring options, carpets are the more versatile products.

A high-quality carpet in Kearney comes with many advantages, compared to other flooring coverings. Our products rank as some of the leading items regarding quality and aesthetic value. With so many options in hand, you will quickly become confused as to what to choose. We’re here to help you decide.

Here's what you must keep in mind regarding our products before purchasing them:

Quality and diversity before anything else

The quality never varies, no matter what carpet would choose; it will always be top-notch. But other features will. The colors, the textures, the fabric, and the overall effect, all these will vary from one piece to the next. We have six different styles of carpets, each with its own plusses and minuses:

  • Textured – A casual model, perfect for highly active family members, as it hides footprints and pressure marks. This goes perfectly in living rooms or other areas where you spend most of your time. We'll make sure to complement its utility with superb visuals for extra value.
  • Saxony – A plus of elegance and luxury. This velvet-like piece will impress with its soft touch and gentle, smooth design. Not excellent in the more active areas of the house, but makes up through a personal, unique charm. It's perfect for bedrooms and places where you don't go too often. The visual value is immense, and the effect on your guests - priceless.
  • Frieze – Great piece to serve you anywhere in the home. It behaves well with high-traffic areas, it has a unique knobby look, and it comes in multiple colors. This versatile piece is perfect for every family, whether active or not, with pets or not. If properly maintained, it will probably serve you for a lifetime, making for a great investment. If you're looking for durability and resilience, this is what you need.
  • Cable – Synonymous with comfort and with a strong personality, this carpet is as aesthetically pleasing as is practical. Not fond of excessive foot traffic, but it makes out with the help of its superb design. It comes in many colors, and its smooth and soft pattern will quickly get to your heart. It's among the most comfortable pieces we have, and our customers love it.
  • Cut and Loop – A patterned carpet with a low profile and a casual impression. It comes in varying patterns, plenty of colors, and it holds a distinctive sculpted design. If you want something that won't crush under your feet and withstands your pet's claws, this is for you. Cut and Loop is ideal for highly active families.
  • Looped – One of the most durable options, usually made of fibers or nylon. You can use it throughout the house, not having to worry about foot pressure damaging the design. It is an excellent addition to a casual setting, where you don't want the carpet to change the design of the room drastically. A subtle and practical piece you will definitely appreciate.

A great addition to your room’s appearance

Depending on the color, texture or design, the right carpet will drastically influence your room’s vibe. Lighter colors will expand the room, while the darker ones will make it appear smaller. If you prefer more neutral nuances, they are great in case you redecorate your setting often.

You should also choose the design carefully. The goal is to exacerbate the room’s positive atmosphere and create an environment based on comfort and intimacy. Our products will deliver this mix of quality, unique style, and practicality in a manner that's exclusive to us. We know how to make your room look better, and we also know how to increase your comfort.

Personalized options

Depending on your preferences, we have a vast range of carpets, for an equal number of tastes. The ideal carpet in Kearney should satisfy your need for quality, performance, and visual impression. Our products go beyond that, offering you multiple benefits for incredibly advantageous costs. Everything we do is towards securing your comfort and satisfaction.

Come to Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, and you’ll get to see carpets in an entirely different light. Choose whatever pleases you the most. If you have a hard time deciding, we’re here, ready to advise you the best we can.