Carpet Olathe Kansas

Carpets are easy to install, comfortable, and pleasant to the eye and the touch. But knowing the differences between a class A piece and a lower-quality one goes beyond that. Our carpets, at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, come in many shapes, forms, colors, and designs, and the special features don’t stop there.

If you’re looking for a high-quality carpet in Olathe, Kansas, you need to come to our store. Before getting one of our products, here is what to expect:

Different styles for different effects

Depending on what you need, we have six different styles of carpets. They come with varying characteristics whose utility will depend on where and how you intend on using the piece. If you need a carpet that will hide the footprints or the vacuum patterns, the Cut and Loop or the Looped carpet styles might be what you need.

If, instead, you need a plus of class and luxury, the Cable or the Saxony are great with their elegance and smoothness. At the same time, differences in the size and the thickness of the yarns may influence how your carpet feels. Make sure you get all the info you can even on the smallest details; they will make a huge difference in the end. Other essential features we need to mention are:

The backing - It's important depending on the type of subfloor your using the carpet on

The form of loops and yarns - Longer yarns and thicker loops tend to get snagged in your pet's claws. If you have pets, you should consider going for another model

The coloring - All our colors will appear lighter once installed. The visual effects you will be getting from the type of coloring will also differ drastically. Lighter hues may make the room appear larger, while the darker ones will create the impression of a smaller setting

The cushion - The cushion determines the sensation you get when stepping over the carpet. Furthermore, it will serve as a quality indicator, prolonging the carpet's lifespan and protecting it against wear.

All these features show that choosing the right carpet is a matter of looking into the details. Since you want a product to serve you for years, you should inform yourself thoroughly in advance. If you need assistance on the subject, we will happily answer all your queries if you give us a call.

Elegant nuances and superb designs

Our color options fit every taste and every preference. Whether you prefer something casual, to lighten on the room, or a more sober hue, for intimacy and elegance, we have it. Every carpet in Olathe, KS, that we own has a unique style, combining innovation with the classic vibe of the Eastern cultures.

The designs are also rich in history, reminding of cultures like the Chinese, the Turkish or the Indian. Our American carpets have a little bit of that exotic magic you’ll want to imbue your home with. A piece bringing this exoticism into your home is an invaluable thing to have in a market filled with kitsch. We take what's best from some of the most exciting cultures around the world, and create unique works of art. 

Financial advantages

Carpets are more affordable than other types of flooring coverings, and it’s not only the acquisition costs that are low. Maintenance is also cheaper, the same as the installation process. Furthermore, carpets are highly advantageous in case you plan on upgrading your floor in the future.

They are easier to replace than hard floors, which is why so many people prefer these products over the alternatives. Another major advantage is that carpets can go over most if not all substrates. There’s no need for extensive remodeling jobs, preparing the subfloor to the minutest details.

There’s no doubt that our carpets have much to offer regarding looks, utility, financial advantages, and long-term benefits. Finding one that meets your expectations is easier when you have professionals guiding you through the process. So, come to our store, and we’ll make sure to satisfy your desires.

At Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, every carpet in Olathe, Kansas, has a story you can take home with you. Don’t settle for low-quality products, when you have us to bring you top quality for incredible prices. If you need a carpet to decorate your home for years to come, give us a call. Our experts will make sure to provide you with an advantageous quote for our amazing carpets.