Carpet Overland Park KS

Carpet in Overland Park, Kansas, can be found at Big Bob's Flooring. Carpet gets its roots from the ancient times when people passed down knotting to their children. Carpet is one of the most basic and beautiful parts of home decoration. It is popular because it is rather inexpensive and can make the floor softer. It is not too hard to install or replace. It comes in several colors and makes the house quieter.

One decision that may be difficult to make is selecting the color and the pattern of your new carpet. Carpet in Overland Park comes in several different styles and colors to choose from. One method that helps ease this decision is to first narrow down the choices.  Decide on a color scheme for the house or if you choose, for each individual room. Colors add moods and feelings in the room. For example, to make a room feel warmer and cozier, use reds and golden colors. Greens and blue colors make the room feel peaceful and calm. This is great for an area where you need to relax more. To add a feeling of more room and space, use creams and lighter colors. If the room is too open and light, darker colored carpet can make it feel smaller. At Big Bob's, finding the right color carpet in Overland Park, Kansas, is easier. 

You must also decide if you want wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. Rugs are cost effective and can add color to the room. They come in some interesting patterns like animal print and sand colored. They can also be moved around to different locations with ease.

Almost any home you enter today has at least some carpet if not wholly carpeted. It is found in homes of every class, from the shack to the condo. It is the same with office building and almost any business. Airports and other commercial buildings and warehouses are no exception.  Carpeting can make a structure seem quieter and more relaxing.  Carpeting the floors adds comfort to any season. In the summer, it can make the house cooler and yet adds warmth in the winter time.

Deciding to add or replace carpet is a major decision and can be quite costly. If you decide this is what you want to do, the first thing you need to do is to set a budget. Take your time and do a little investigation before deciding on a budget. There are many decisions for getting the right carpet for your home, and each room may need a different grade of it. SO you need to decide on which rooms to carpet. Then decide on a color scheme you want to use. This can be a fundamental decision. Remember that some colors show dirt more than others.

The third decision is the fiber you want. There are four basic types of fiber. Each one has its useful features and has some disadvantages. The fiber plays a vital role in the performance and life of the new carpet.

Wool - One of the four types of fiber used for carpets is wool. Many retailers do not show the wool samples because it is so expensive. It can be blended with other fibers to make it more cost-effective. The benefits of wool carpet are that it is soft and easier to clean. It hides dirt well and comes in many styles and colors. However, it can stain easily. This is a disadvantage to a home that has even moderate traffic.

Nylon - The next fiber is Nylon. Nylon carpet wears rather well and is stain resistant. It also comes in many styles and colors. It is resilient and does not crush when walked on. The fibers bounce back.

 Polyester - Polyester carpet is made from recycled bottles. Carpet in Overland Park that is made from polyester has a some disadvantages in that it doesn’t wear well nor once it is crushed it doesn’t bounce back.

 Triexa – Triexa is a variation of polyester. It is stain resistant and does not fade easily. This is one of the lower priced carpets.

Once you choose the fiber, you must decide on how much padding and how thick you want the carpet. Big Bob’s Flooring can help you select the right carpet in Overland Park, KS, and help you through the installation process. our experienced sales personnel will be there to answer any question you may have.  We want you to be well pleased with your new carpet and will do our best to achieve this.