Flooring Olathe Kansas

Choosing the flooring of your house is one of the most important decisions you have to make. First of all, it's something you don't change every day, so the materials you choose should be durable. Also, they must combine the style of decoration you want with your family’s lifestyle. Finally, you must take into account the type of maintenance you must give to each surface. The idea is to enjoy a cozy floor, which doesn’t become a headache when it comes to maintenance.


First, you should consider what type of environments you are selecting for. In that sense, when looking at the different materials keep in mind whether you are selecting for interiors or exteriors. You should also think about the traffic in the area so that you choose the most resistant options for high traffic areas. If you can’t decide, ask one of our specialists to help you compare these features:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to dents and scratches
  • Anti-slip options
  • Maintenance and ease of cleaning

Selecting the Ideal Material


This is one of the most elegant options on the market. Keep in mind that it is a cold material, so choose carefully in the case of bedrooms. They are ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, due to their resistance and easy cleaning. It lasts for years in good condition, if you have the right maintenance (a polish every two years is essential).


This material is perfect for high traffic spaces. There are different rustic options so that you can embellish outdoor areas, such as terraces. It is composed of marble powder and resins, making it a high strength surface that is difficult to break. There is an excellent variety of options in terms of pattern, ranging from the most classic to the most avant-garde. They are not very suitable in bathrooms, as most porcelain tiles are slippery.


This is another classic surface, with which you can give a rustic and cozy appearance to an area. They are a perfect covering for bathrooms, kitchens, and corridors. If you're going to use them in damp areas, make sure the contractor uses antifungal and antibacterial materials. If you would like to purchase the best flooring in Olathe, Kansas contact us! Big Bob's Flooring Outlet is ready to help.


This is a timeless element; it never goes out of style. It is a warm material that makes any space a cozy one. It is ideal for bedrooms, studios, and living rooms or even to give a beautiful rustic touch to the exterior areas of the house. Properly maintained, it's a surface that lasts for years; it's also straightforward to clean.

Laminates and Vinyl

These are a cheaper option, but no less beautifying. Nowadays you can get excellent deals to buy exquisite surfaces. Remember to consider their fragility and choose a professional for the installation. Another advantage is that the patterns you will find will allow you to replicate wood pattern or other modern designs.

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