Flooring Overland Park KS

You’ve bought yourself a new house, or maybe you’ve decided to make some improvements in your current one, and you’re stuck at flooring? Don’t worry; most people face the same problem. And it is a problem that we, at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, are experts at solving.

It’s not an easy mission to decide what’s the best flooring in Overland Park for your home. You need to consider many aspects before making the final call which includes:

  • The available budget
  • The room’s design
  • The desired visual effect
  • The proper color and texture
  • Unique features like hardness, versatility, or ease of maintenance

Some people will also make their choice depending on how easily replaceable specific types of flooring are. No matter what kind of service you want, we have you covered. Our products expand over multiple categories, including:

  • Carpets – One of the most popular, history-rich flooring options. Carpets are incredibly comfortable, highly versatile and diverse, and easy to install and remove when needed. With the immense variety of colors, textures, and designs, carpets can enrich any home setting, whether classic, modern or futuristic. Our products also have a historical weight to them. By combining styles and techniques from different cultures around the globe, we have produced some of the most beautiful products on the market.
  • Laminate – This is a type of flooring made to mimic other, more expensive options like natural stone, ceramic tile or even hardwood. Laminate floors come in many colors and styles, are stain resistant and easy to maintain, and are easily replaceable. They make for a great choice if you plan on remodeling your rooms often. 
  • Ceramic tiles – Another popular flooring option that is highly versatile and durable. Ceramic tiles are resilient to shocks and scratching and the low-maintenance material, repelling stains and odors, is perfect for indoor usage. Depending on what tile you prefer, you can also get different degrees of moisture absorption. The impervious ones will only absorb 0.5% moisture and are frost proof, making them great for outdoor use. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, this is your go-to option.
  • Natural stone – If you have a preference for luxury and uniqueness, a stone flooring in Overland Park might be just what you need. We use a million-years-old stone to build uniquely designed floors made to last for a lifetime. Our natural stone floor will instill a sense of richness and historical value in your home. It looks great, it's extremely durable and resilient, and it will boost your home's financial value.
  • Vinyl flooring – Usually used in bathrooms or kitchens, our vinyl floor is practical and stylish. It replicates the look of natural stone or ceramic tiles and comes in many options, depending on color, texture or pattern. Planning to replace your floor at one point is another reason why you should pick vinyl – it’s easier to remove than other types. This flexibility and diversity is the reason why vinyl flooring is so popular with our clients.
  • Area Rugs – For a plus of exoticism, area rugs come as the perfect option. Easy to install and replace, they transpire a sense of richness, class, and comfort. Hundreds of styles are available from all corners of the globe, including Tibet, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, or Morocco. Aside from practicality, you will also get a unique style, imbued with the historical spirit of cultures from all over the world.
  • Hardwood – Hardwood is a type of flooring that brings you closer to nature. It is easy to care for, versatile, and diverse and you can combine it with many interior settings. If you want to imbue your home with personality and style, this is one of the best ways to do it. Our collection of natural woods like cherry, ash, hickory or pecan will impress you immediately.

Only here, at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, can you find the best flooring in Overland Park. We only use top materials for our pieces to provide you with the best the market has to offer. Building or remodeling your flooring is an intricate job whose success depends on many factors. The ideal solution is to leave it to professionals like us. Our experience and expertise on the matter will ensure top results in no time.

Just contact us, and we'll make sure to give you a reasonable price for an excellent job. Come to our stores and one of our specialists will walk you through our collection!