Hardwood Flooring Independence MO

Hardwood floors keep gaining immense popularity among homeowners. Few other options can deliver the same naturalness and richness of top-quality hardwood. Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet meets the highest standards in the industry in terms of quality and product diversity.

If you look for hardwood flooring in Independence, there’s only one place where you should start your search – our Independence store. But why are our services different than those of other providers? We take pride in delivering top quality, as well as bringing innovation to the next level. We offer products coming in a wide range of designs and with a ton of varying features.

With us, you will get:

A personalized, customer-friendly approach

Our staff specializes in high-end flooring options, having extensive experience in manufacturing, selling, and installing hardwood. Most importantly, we approach each client differently, depending on the home’s profile, personal preferences, and other unique factors. If you've never tried to install a hardwood flooring on your own, you need to know it's incredibly difficult. Resorting to professional services the type of which we offer, is the only way of making sure you're not wasting money.

Purchasing the wood requires gathering plenty of information in advance. Our products differ according to:

  • The type of the finish - Pre-finished (the boards are sanded and ready for installing) and unfinished
  • The species of the wood - Cherry, white oak, hickory, pecan, maple, etc.
  • Different types of shades - Darker, lighter, natural, for different visual effects
  • Gloss levels - Lower gloss is recommended for active rooms because it minimizes scratches and dirt, while high gloss is fit for formal decors
  • Pre-finishes - Uv-cured, polyurethane, aluminum oxide, ceramic, acrylic-urethane, etc.

All these features will prove essential depending on how you intend on using the wood. And since the best decisions only come after a thorough analysis, make sure to take everything into account. The more informed you'll get, the less likely you'll be to spend money on the wrong products.

If you need professional advice regarding the type of wood to use, depending on your lifestyle or the room’s design, you’ll get it from us free of charge. We value your opinion, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you make the best decision. Your satisfaction is what drives us to upgrade our services continuously. 

An immense range of products

Whatever you need, we got it. Our hardwood collection varies depending on numerous factors, including:

  • The cut – Sliced or Rotary
  • Texture – Unique textures, ranging in complexity and design
  • Color – Darker, natural, lighter, with different contrasts and hues
  • Finishes – Matte, low-gloss or high-gloss
  • Protective coatings – UV cured urethane for ease of maintenance and heat resistance, acrylic impregnation for hardness or aluminum oxide for increased abrasion resistance
  • Edges – square, beveled or eased, each with their own characteristics

These options show why our hardwood flooring in Independence ranks high on the list of the top services in the business. Diversity is just as important to us as the quality of the products, and that of the installation services.

Custom installation and maintenance

Our experts will analyze your home setting, take measures, and use one of the four methods of installment, depending on the results. We will either glue the flooring, staple or nail it, or resort to floating installation, where we don’t attach the floor to the subfloor.

We will also take care of the finishes, making sure we’ve addressed every little detail for an outstanding job. Our goal is to deliver a fast and clean installation, which serves as the foundation of impeccable, long-lasting results.

Regarding the maintenance, there’s little to be concerned about. Our hardwood flooring is more comfortable to clean and maintain, so long as you follow our specific guidelines for the different types of wood.

Come to our store!

When properly cared for, our hardwood flooring in Independence will become a lifetime investment. Just make sure to ask our experts about maintenance tips and strategies on how to preserve your floor in peak condition. With our expertise in the subject, you are sure to get the most informative and useful answers.

Our professionals at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet are here to help you make a decision you’ll be proud of years from now. Our collection of products is waiting for you, and we are positive it will exceed your expectations. We are always here, providing our community with the best products the industry has to offer. Come check them out and you'll thank us later!