Hardwood Flooring Overland Park

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home can make a huge difference in the overall design and general artistic vibe. It may not seem like much, but fitting flooring is just as important as the right furniture, personalized doors, the color palette of the room, and other minor details that add personality and style. At Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, we have a vast array of hardwood choices which range from classic to exotic, with numerous options in between.

But how do you know which hardwood flooring in Overland Park fits your home the best? Whether you go for pre-finished (boards are ready for installation, optimally sanded and finished) or unfinished (we'll do the finishes on site), the variety of woods, colors, textures, and unique features is astonishing. We have a rich array of products which will make your artistic senses tingle.

The most popular ones include:

  • Cherry – This one comes in several options, including blood-red and reddish brown and tends to gain a darker shade in time. It is dense and hard enough to make for a reliable and stable flooring, and it definitely adds a certain magic to your home.
  • White Oak – If you’re into a more classic approach, the oak might be just what you’ve been looking for. You have two types to go for: red and white, each with slightly different characteristics. The red oak is lighter and features a reddish nuance, while the white model is brown with either a gray or a pink touch to it.
  • Maple – Another light piece, perfect for a hardwood flooring in Overland Park. It’s dense and resilient, it withstands scratches and heavy impacts, and it makes for the ideal choice in case you have kids or pets. Maple is among the most popular species, thanks to its pros-cons ratio.
  • Walnut – Light and classy, walnut is the optimal choice for sunny rooms, thanks to its impressive photosensitivity properties. The white sapwood displays either chocolate-like or purplish hues, perfect for many interior settings. Just make sure to avoid using it in rooms filled with heavy furniture.
  • Hickory – If you’re into a harder, more resilient type of wood, hickory is your best bet. It is the most durable species of American wood and one of the most handsome ones. The mix between the sapwood and the heartwood is one between white and red-brown, exuding a natural, classic charm. Once installed, hickory will serve you for a lifetime.
  • Ash – Ash offers a blend of the hardness needed to withstand intense traffic and the softness required for a comfortable feel. It’s stain-resistant, light-colored, and with a white hue and a rich wood grain, giving it a distinct personality over other species.

Perfection is our mantra. We realize that choosing the right flooring for your home is no easy task. You have multiple features to consider, including:

The design - Here we include the color, various nuances, shading, texture, the floor's impact on the room's design, the glossing, etc.

Resilience and durability - The ideal flooring material should deliver long-lasting strength and resilience to shock, scratching and wear. These are the main features people look for when planning to remodel their room.

The level of comfort - Comfort translates by multiple features, including how the material feels and how easy to maintain it is. Since not everyone has time to clean their home daily, we needed to find a way around that. If you want a type of flooring that's easy to clean and it feels great underfoot our collection is at your disposal.

We believe that perfection lies in the details, which is why our obsession with details is unmatched. We never leave anything to chance; it would be unacceptable to do so. Instead, we use our vast experience to achieve perfection in everything we do. It defines our products, our services, and our attitude towards you, our client.

High quality and low prices? With us, it's possible!

The Holy Grail every buyer keeps pursuing - top quality at affordable prices. It's no longer a beautiful dream, but precisely what we're offering. If you want the best job at prices suited for your pocket, you're in the right place.

There are many other options for hardwood flooring in Overland Park, which makes it impossible not to find something of your taste. Despite beauty being mostly subjective, we, at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, have captured its heart in the savory essence of our American hardwood. Come to our stores, and we’ll help you breathe some American magic into your home!