Tile in Clay County

If you want to improve your home’s design, comfort, and overall feel, Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet is where you need to be. Our services function based on three basic values: innovation, quality, and diversity. With us, you can find everything you’re looking for and more.

We use a variety of products to remodel and rejuvenate your flooring, and ceramic tiles are among the most versatile option. If you are looking for a top ceramic tile in Clay County, look no further. Not only we have a huge variety of tiles, but the unique features and approaches recommend us as some of the leading providers in the business.

We understand if you are confused about which tiles fit your room the best. It's common with new buyers, who lack the necessary experience in the field. Our role is to help you overcome this problem. Having a good grasp of all the essential features and styles can make the difference regarding the utility and the overall impression. In case you haven’t decided on the type of flooring you’d like, here is why our tiles can top many other alternatives:

Three core styles with almost endless variations

Depending on which style you prefer, you need to pay attention to several specific features like:

  • Glazed – Glazed tiles come in matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes. They are resistant to scratches and have a glass-forming minerals coating for unique visuals and extra durability.
  • Unglazed – These are hard and dense and generally come for outdoor use. Since they lack the special coating, unglazed tiles are more slip resistant than other models. They come in varying, porous designs.
  • Porcelain – The hardest tiles on the market, highly resilient to scratching and extreme temperature variations. If you value durability more than anything else, this type of tile in Clay County might be your go-to product.

Easy to maintain

People generally prefer a type of flooring that’s both good-looking and resistant and easy to clean. Our ceramic tiles fit the description perfectly. You won’t need more than a mop and a cleaning solution to get the job done.

The only area which will require extra attention from time to time is the grout. The good news is that you can keep it in mint condition by merely cleaning the entire flooring regularly. Depending on the textures, though, you may need to resort to different strategies to get the best results. Textured tiles may require some scrubbing once in a while, compared to the glossy ones.

Highly resilient material

If you need a lifetime investment, our ceramic tiles are perfect. The manufacturing technology imbues these pieces with extreme durability and resilience to high temperatures. Denser tiles will permit very little or no water accumulation and will withstand high pressure and scratches with ease. We are perfectionists, which goes without saying that we strive for peak quality. The materials we use in the manufacturing of our products are all natural and according to the latest standards.

In the long-term, they will retain their beautiful colors, models, and textures. Grade III and IV are particularly resistant and durable, in case you have pets or active family members. The same feature is incredibly useful in dealing with heavy furniture or heavy objects being moved continuously across the surface. Just be careful about not inflicting shock damages that may result in cracking or breaking the tiles. We always suggest our customers have several extra tiles at their disposal, in case they need to replace one or two sometimes.

Outstanding designs for every taste

Everyone wants a type of flooring that would enrich the room’s overall design. Our tiles offer enough variation to appeal to even the most pretentious preferences. Whether you prefer lighter, darker or neutral colors, our collection is sure to meet your needs. You will find the same diversity with relation to shapes, sizes, textures, designs, and other features. If you are curious to see what we have on offer, visit our webpage and see for yourself.

The variety of models is another huge plus. We will accommodate every style and every preference, from formal to casual and everything in between. Our tile in Clay County meets the highest standards in the industry. At Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, we use quality, innovation, and diversity to fulfill your desires. Come to check out our collection! We guarantee immediate satisfaction.