Tile in Independence

Choosing your Tile in Independence can be a challenge. There are many sizes, colors and textures to choose from. Making the right choice for your lifestyle and home can be overwhelming. There are several different kinds of tile for the home and business.


One type of tile is the ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is inexpensive and easy to keep up. It tends to resist stains well and is very durable. It can withstand ordinary wear and tear without any problems. Porcelain tile is a long-lasting tile. It is resistant to scratches as well as stains and moisture. It also is excellent for areas that have heated floors. This makes it an excellent choice for the bathroom, shower or kitchen. It comes in colors that can look like natural stone.


Different rooms will require different types of tile.  Texture and color are crucial and can make a room feel completely different. For example, with a light color tile, you can make a small room or area look like it is much larger. Use darker colors, and the room will look smaller and calmer than it may have. Some of the newer colors include tiles that look like leather, fabric or animal print.


Stone patterns are trendy. There are several types of stone tile. They can include granite, limestone, marble, slate or travertine. Things you need to consider if the patterned stone tile is your choice is the finish. Stone tile comes in smooth and a matte finish. The smooth is suitable for entryways and areas where there is a lot of traffic and dirt. Because it is smooth, it is easier to sweep and mop. The matte or honed tile has more traction and is not as slick as the smooth ones are. While the tile can attract dirt and is a little harder to clean, it helps to prevent falls from slipping.


Another kind of tile that is popular is the vinyl tile. Vinyl tile is more cost efficient, lower maintenance and is comfortable to walk on. Like the ceramic tile, it resists water and comes in many colors and patterns. Some of the newer styles have a natural look, and it tends to stay warmer than the ceramic or porcelain tile does. It has more natural cushioning than the porcelain or ceramic tile does, and things don't break as easily when dropped on the vinyl tile. There are three types of vinyl flooring. They are sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles, and vinyl planks.

Choosing a color for your tile is important as well. Since the color you put on the floor adds feelings and emotions to a room, you need to take your time to decide what is right for you. To make the room seem larger than it really is, you need to use tiles in a light color or a cream color. If the feeling you are looking for is cozy and safe, choose a darker color. This is a great scheme for the living room when you want people to relax. In the kitchen, where things are much busier, colors like navy, brown, or a burnt orange. You could also use a combination of these. Color can make a difference in any room come to life.

 Tile also comes in many patterns. There is some that look like planks. Add these to a den and it will look like you took the time to add planks to your floor. The smooth tile works well in areas with lots of foot traffic like the entryway or a hallway. This is because it is easy to sweep and mop and dirt will not get caught in the grooves. The tile with grooves in the pattern is good for the bath or shower to help prevent slipping and falling.

The good thing about patterns in the tile is that there are a lot of fun things you can do, especially in smaller areas. Some ideas are a checkerboard design. You can also use a variety of tile sizes and mix them up. Colors can be mixed up in any number of patterns as well. There are endless possibilities to what you can do with tile on flooring to add life to an otherwise dull room. All these variations are fascinating.


While you are searching for Tile in Independence, our staff at Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet can help. We know about our flooring and can help you choose the perfect tile for your home. If you need help choosing color and patterns, we can help there as well.