Carpet Kansas City

At Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, we know carpets play a significant role in reviving the soul of a home. They make for superb additions to your room's overall design, and finding the perfect pieces is always a thrill. But ending up with the dream carpet is not easy.

Before settling for any carpet in Kansas City, however, you need to define your preferences first. Our carpets offer a wide range of characteristics, and not all of them fit the same setting equally. In this sense, most of our clients choose their piece depending on:

  • Impeccable performance for high-traffic areas – Not all of our carpets match the same features. The Saxony and the Cable are more suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, and especially for families with no pets and no active kids running around all day. These pieces are more susceptible to footprints and vacuum trails so that you might want something else instead. Something like the Frieze or Textured styles, which are more robust and resilient to pressure.
  • Enrich the visual design of the room – This is where you need to possess some degree of color education, as well as an artistic flair to go with it. Choosing the right colors can add a certain magic to your room, making it more inviting, intimate, or exude a more luxurious vibe altogether. Depending on the type of color, you may also get slight psychological effects as well. Blue tends to have a calming effect, while orange and red will evoke energy and optimism – it shows that color matching is more than a meaningless routine.
  • Fit the design of the room – It is not all about color, but about shape, size and grain as well. Our carpets come with many types of grain, from rugged to silky-smooth, and offer a vast array of colors and densities. We can personalize them according to your preferences, making sure they fit your home setting just right.
  • Ease of maintenance – Not all carpets have the same properties. Saxony is vastly different than the Textured or the Cable types, which means it will react differently to stains and cleaning. The composition of the material will also make a difference in this sense. In any case, our customers look for easy maintenance, involving a vacuum and, at most, a stain remover. As a plus, having a professional to clean your carpet once a year is a smart move that will protect your piece and maintain it in peak condition for longer.

Before you buy

If you have never used carpets before, there are several things you need to know about them. In case you're not sure they're the best choice for you, here is some info to change your mind:

Carpets are easier to install and remove - If you are the type of person who likes regular changes, carpets should be your go-to type of flooring. Compared to other products, carpets cost next to nothing when it comes to installation expenses. They are equally easy to remove, making them some of the most versatile options.

They are more comfortable - Carpets make for a brilliant choice if you have children and want to protect them. Even if you already have hardwood, a tile or a stone flooring, carpets will always make for great additions. They are soft and smooth underfoot, which will make them friendlier to your child's knees and elbows.

The historical and cultural value - If you want to imbue your home with different cultural vibes, this is the way to do it. Our carpets come from a variety of cultures, dripping with history and exoticism. Come to check our collection, and we promise you won't be disappointed!

Our store in Liberty or Independence, MO or Overland Park, KS holds some of the most impressive products on the market. Pay us a visit for a small chat with one of our professionals. We'll do our best to give you all the information you need on our services.

These are all features that will define how your carpet will fit the setting, how the room’s design and personal vibe will change, and how much your family’s comfort will increase. You need the best carpet in Kansas City money can buy, which means Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet is your best guide and provider. We use our know-how and experience in the business to offer you some of the most varied and impressive pieces you could dream of. Contact us for more info, or come straight to our stores to check everything yourself!